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May 12, 2011 by Mike Carter  
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Design of a label for a multivarietal wine through the use of a meta-message: We use Pantone® chips with colors to identify with a particular grape varietal. Each time a varietal in the blend of this wine changes in the next vintage, the color of the chip changes.

The bottle is elegant with dark glass and square shoulders and slender and with great personality.

The label is modern, clean and colorful, it reflects the plurality of grape varieties and anticipates the product features: fruits, intensity, vivacity… It incorporates the historic Osborne Bull while introducing a different -more modern- typography, consistent with the graphic presentation of the brand. Loyal to its concept of plurality, each year the label will reflect the changes of the grapes that will make up the assemblage of that vintage.

The box maintains the same color values, cleanliness, quality and vanguard reflected in the label.

Design by BrandSession | Source :: Packaging of the World

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