Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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Recipe Trezor

Welcome to Recipe Trezor!

This site is a source for finding recipes classified by country of origin (for the most part). All recipes you find here posted by me or other registered users. If you’ve visited the site before, you might want to check the Recently Posted section. New section on the Site Info page for information on updated pages. 

I put this information on the internet for two reasons: 1) it forces me to organize my own recipes and 2) I thought that if I find the information useful, others might feel the same.

For those of you who are visiting the site for the first time, enjoy your visit! If you have recipes you would like to share, please register and post your recipes. If the recipes is yours or a family recipe please mention that in your posting, There is a lot of old recipes out there that nobody knows it origins these are great to post to preserve it’s tradition and maintain it’s cultural continuity. If you have a favorite a recipe from a book or from another web site you visited and would like to share it with others, PLEASE, PLEASE  and one more PLEASE include the name of the book or the originating website. 

If you live in an area where some of the ingredients are not available, soon I will be adding a section to order some of the ethnic ingredients (mostly dry ingredients) that are not available your local market stores.

Forum soon! What website would not be complete without a forum? Share your thoughts ask questions to others or help and answer other people questions. 

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Thank you and
Enjoy my website,