Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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Tasty Cooking


Tasty Cooking150 easy to follow recipes, Only $12.99 Include shipping

By: Raniya Sassine and Jackie Kapatais (Authors)

This cookbook presents a very easy to follow cooking instruction. Recipes including breakfast, salads, main dishes, entrees, meat, chicken, seafood and desserts— recipes are well organized and easy to find.  The book includes 150 fantastic and tested Middle Eastern recipes, some are created by the authors and some are ancient Middle Eastern traditions that had been hand down from generations to generations.

The book is for anyone who would like to expand their cooking horizon it could help all kinds of sophisticated audience, a chef in a restaurant who wants to add new recipes to his menu as well as the home cook, a teenagers or a recent college grads or any blossoming chef.

Our Slogan is “don’t be afraid of the Kitchen.”